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Career Development & Training

Company president Kenichiro Iwamoto conducts training programs based on knowledge and experiences in the fields of overseas business expansion, global marketing, and consulting accumulated throughout his career in business consultancy. As part of consulting projects, GBS conducts education and training programs for the adoption of newly implemented operational processes and systems. In addition to this, clients also receive support in setting up autonomous operations for newly implemented processes and systems.

Main Client Issues

  • I would like to carry out overseas expansion and do global marketing, but I do not know where to begin.
  • I came up with a new operations process and system, but they ended up unused.
  • I would like to receive input from competent consultants but I cannot follow what they are saying.

The most difficult part in the process of work restructuring is the full adoption of the newly developed process or system. Some employees may feel uneasy about the new processes and may voice out concerns such as the following:
“Something has been lost when the new process was introduced.”
“It will take a lot of effort and time to implement and adopt the new process.”
“There must be a catch.”

In times such as these, it is necessary to eliminate those concerns without dismissing their opinions as absurd.

GBS Approach

Company president Kenichiro Iwamoto received intensive instructor training from a program in Australia, organized by PricewaterhouseCoopers Consultants Co., Ltd. He conducts interactive training modules based on his experiences as an instructor both in Japan and abroad, and regularly contributes to business operational reform projects.

Seminar information

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Seminar information

Past Projects

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  1. The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Course lecturer on global marketing for small businesses
  2. Business Breakthrough Inc. - “Leadership Action Program” extramural class “Vision Conceptualization” lecturer
  3. Major Electric Manufacturing Company - Course lecturer on basic website development and operations for website administrators (Japanese, English)
  4. Major Electric Manufacturing Company - Formulation of website evaluation indicators for website administrators lecturer (Japanese, English)
  5. Major Electric Manufacturing Group Company - Course lecturer on web marketing training
  6. Major Electric Manufacturing Group Company - Course lecturer on basic consulting skills
  7. Major Electric Manufacturing Group Company - Course lecturer on practical consulting report writing
  8. Seminar hosted by The Kensetsutsushin Shimbun Corporation - Council of Service and Publicity Course lecturer on the practical use of websites in B2B businesses
  9. Major Distance Learning Company - Course lecturer on industry and market analysis for leaders
  10. Major Software Development Company - Course lecturer on problem resolution for system engineers
  11. Seminar hosted by Global Brain Square Inc. - Course lecturer on logical thinking for marketers

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