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Global Marketing Solutions

We contribute to the increase of sales in overseas markets by providing a comprehensive solution, a one-stop support for design and execution of global marketing strategies.

[Chart] Global Marketing Solutions

Issues in Global Marketing

  • Where in the global market can businesses be developed?
  • What are the characteristics of the target users?
  • How should products be customized according to particular customer needs?
  • How can products be priced at appropriate levels?
  • How should operations processes, organizational structures, and operating rules be designed for overseas businesses?
  • When is the best time to start a business?
  • How are business operations run after the start-up phase?

We contribute towards the resolution of these global marketing issues.

Exploration of Business Opportunities (Global Marketing Research)

Market research surveys will be conducted in collaboration with overseas business partners with world-wide business hubs. Afterwards, our company will provide support in exploring business opportunities and in refining target areas.

Analysis of Global Target Users (User Survey)

The user survey serves to identify the buying behavior, industry type, business scope, and age of target users. Hypotheses will be formulated based on findings of market research and behavior analyses. Said hypotheses are tested to ensure validity and effectiveness of analyses.

Global Marketing and Sales Strategy Planning

Appeal points are identified based on buying behaviors of target users and decide how to effectively reach and send messages to consumers. Marketing and sales strategies will be formulated in accordance to the actual business and digital marketing plans.

Global Marketing Process and System Design

Operation process systems are developed to execute marketing and sales strategies. To successfully conduct marketing and business operations overseas, it is imperative to set clear distinctions between the roles of the Japan and local office. With our extensive experience in consulting, we can design the most appropriate business process system for the client.

Construction of Global Marketing Process Systems and Autonomous Operations

Our experienced consultants provide support during system construction and carry out autonomous operations support in order to deal with the uncertainties of building the actual operations process systems.

Support for Global Marketing Strategy Implementation

Language barriers are critical problems in global marketing and business operations. In collaboration with an overseas business partner, we operate a call center abroad to provide assistance to clients. In addition to this, our bilingual staff can facilitate communications in multiple languages such as English and Chinese, ensuring seamless and worry-free marketing activities.

Support for Global Marketing Strategy Implementation

Operations by a Philippine offshore center at reasonable costs

Operations by a Philippine offshore center at reasonable costs
[Chart] Operations by a Philippine offshore center at reasonable costs

Source: GBS Philippine Contact Center (outsourcing company)

Communication Expenses

The overseas call center offers an IP telephone service which is designed for overseas use through hard phones or soft phones connected to the internet. Because terminal-to-terminal calls installed in this service are considered as extension-to-extension calls, calls made between Japanese and overseas offices are completely free of charge.

In addition to this, IP phone rates are applied to the call from overseas operators to general subscriber phones in Japan or vice versa, which means that the cost of calls are lower than using conventional business phones.

Labor and Administrative Expenses

Expectedly, local labor and office leasing costs are lower when operations are offshored. Offshore service centers provide the same quality of performance but at lower costs.

Also, offshore centers in the island province of Cebu (south of Philippine capital city, Metro Manila) utilize larger offices and supply excellent services at equivalent price levels.

Work Details

Work Details

Global Web Master Operation Support

  • Access Log Analysis
  • Access report creation
  • Global SEO tuning activities
  • Global web advertising (listing ads, banner ads) management activities

Global Website Updating Support Activities

  • Updating of product information websites and company information websites
  • Campaign website creation

System Maintenance Support Activities

  • Master maintenance activities
  • Updating and monitoring activities at night

After-support Activities

The cost of employing the services of domestic multilingual call centers in Japan are very high. Philippine offshore call centers provide the service in English with high quality and lower costs.

  • Voice, mail, chat correspondence, etc.
  • Operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with consideration for all world time zones and holidays.
  • English base, support in Chinese, Korean, and other languages

Global Marketing and Sales Support Activities

  • Overseas market research and listing of prospective targets
  • Outbound sales calls which is based on the list of potential customers and corresponding inbound correspondence calls

Conducting a review of sales call scripts as needed to get better feedback.

Workflow Sample

1. Website Construction

Global Website Construction Workflow

[Chart] Global Website Construction Workflow

Source: GBS Philippine Contact Center (outsourcing company)

2. Multilingual Customer Service

Multilingual Customer Service Workflow

Lower prices of commodities and cost of living in the Philippines drive down labor costs. The high quality support services can be provided by offshore centers at reasonable prices.

[Chart] Multilingual Customer Service Workflow

Source: GBS Philippine Contact Center (outsourcing company)

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