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Project Management Support

Projects delay very frequently because of complexly intertwined factors. By thoroughly eliminating those factors and carrying out projects as scheduled, we are able to make positive contributions to our clients' businesses.

Main Client Issues

  • Only in-house members of the company carry out the project, resulting in a project completion that is significantly later than the planned schedule.
  • In order to prevent delays in the project schedule, work progress reports are frequently checked, project management tools are introduced, and the management systems are improved. Frequent meetings and reports result in project delay.
  • Project members become tired and their levels of motivation and morale are very low.

To achieve a specific objective, members from different organizations are pooled together in a project and do jobs they have no prior experience in. As they face unfamiliar people and do unfamiliar tasks, communications become difficult and many unforeseen events begin to occur frequently. New business processes and systems are introduced and carried out, but delays continue to pile up in the project. Many methodologies and tools had been developed in order to keep a project on schedule. As members tend to pay attention to proceed project with these methodologies, additional costs are incurred beyond the planned expenditures.

GBS Approach

Company representative Kenichiro Iwamoto has had many experiences in project management and learned methodologies in his time with a US-based consulting firm. Iwamoto carries out effective and efficient project management services for its clients in accordance to TOC (Theory of Constraints) which was advocated by Israelian physicist Eliyahu M. Goldratt.

Past Projects

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  1. Major Electric Machinery Manufacturer (Company A) - Global Digital Marketing Strategy Design
  2. Major Office Copier Manufacturer - Web Strategy Design Project
  3. Newly-listed Medium-sized Wholesale Company - Web-utilizing IR and PR Strategy Design Project
  4. Medium-Sized Portable Systems Vendor - Web Marketing Strengthening Project
  5. Major Correspondence Education Company - Web Marketing Strengthening Project
  6. Foreign Apparel Manufacturer - Business Process and System Innovation Project
  7. Major Semi-Conductor Manufacturer - Business Process Improvement Project
  8. Major Computer Manufacturer - Current State Analysis and Problem Identification Project
  9. Major Automobile Manufacturer - Product Development Process Improvement Project
  10. Major Large-size Automobile Manufacturer - Product Development Process Improvement Project
  11. Major Steel Manufacturing Company - Quality Process Design Improvement Project
  12. Major Electric Manufacturing Company (Company A) - Web Governance Process Revisions and System Development Projects
  13. Major Electric Manufacturing Company (Company B) - System Development Joint Project with Mass Retailer for demand forecast in U.S.
  14. Major Electric Manufacturing Company (Company B) - Company-wide IT Architecture Reconstruction Project

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