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Global Business Matching

GBS operates Global Business Matching (GBM), an online-based business matching platform which assists Japanese companies aiming to expand their businesses overseas by matching them directly with prospective overseas partners. Through GBM, companies are supported in the planning up to the implementation of overseas expansion activities such as working with overseas partners in carrying out sales and production.Also, we provide information which is useful for Japanese market entry. Please visit Japan information page in GBM.

Features of Global Business Matching (GBM)

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1. Local partners directly support Japanese companies aiming to expand their businesses globally

Through GBM, companies can engage in direct exchanges and create partnerships with local businesses with extensive experience and knowledge about local culture, customs, and consumer trends. With these accurate information, companies can quickly expand their businesses in overseas markets.

2. Automatic Translation Function

GBM is capable of translating information written in Japanese into English and sending these information to local partners. Translations are carried out by professional translators, therefore enabling smooth communications between partners. With this service, there is no need to worry about language barriers between companies.

3. Partners can start off with small-scale projects and tasks

Traditionally, the first step in carrying out overseas business expansion is the establishment of an overseas base. However, business establishment without ample preparation increases the risk of encountering future complications. Through GBM, companies may conduct test marketing and consumer market research activities prior to the full establishment of their overseas businesses. In this way, companies are able to grasp the needs of local consumers and are able to gauge their business potential beforehand. In addition to this, smaller tasks such as HTML coding activities can be requested from local partners and highly skilled engineers and programmers from other countries.

4. Trusted Local Partners

Local partners registered in GBM are reliable companies with proven track records in their respective fields and are carefully screened and selected by consultancy firm, Global Brain Square Inc. In this regard, we can guarantee safe and worry-free interactions, message exchanges, and carrying out of payments in the system.

Global Business Matching

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