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Global Marketing Consulting Firm Global Brain Square Inc.

Business Process Outsourcing

Marketing activities require high expertise as marketing trends progress and change very quickly. By outsourcing these activities, clients are able to focus and allocate their resources to their primary business--increasing the value of their company.

Main Client Issues

Approaches to global marketing evolve and are being developed continuously, and the sphere of internet marketing now experiences periods of ebb and flow. The most hyped buzzwords such as Web 2.0, Second Life, and OGM only existed transiently, as new buzzwords appear and dominate the world of marketing. When set in this context, it is extremely difficult and inefficient for internal human resources to learn and utilize all of the new approaches.

GBS Approach

GBS staff are stationed in client companies and are involved in in-house projects as a company member. Furthermore, GBS recruits high quality human resources at reasonable costs in its offshore center in the Philippines. These staff may serve as resources for your company to optimize operational efficiency.

Service Cases

  1. Acceptance and Order Placement
  2. Incoming and Outgoing Deliveries
  3. Billing
  4. Inventory Control
  5. Application Development and Operations
  6. System Infrastructure Construction and Operations
  7. Multilingual Contact Center
  8. Multilingual Telephone Marketing

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