Global Marketing Consulting Firm Global Brain Square

Global Marketing Consulting Firm Global Brain Square Inc.


With extensive experience and knowledge on business processes and systems, we at Global Brain Square can identify root causes of client problems through factual in-depth investigations. By building strong relationships with clients, we provide the best solutions that meet their needs and suit both the business environment and the client's company culture.

Global Business Matching

Through GBM, companies are supported in the planning up to the implementation of overseas expansion activities such as working with overseas partners in carrying out sales and production.

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Global Marketing Solutions

We contribute to the increase of sales in overseas markets by providing a comprehensive solution, a one-stop support for design and execution of global marketing strategies.

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Cross-Border Ecommerce

We provide a one-stop support for planning and implementation of cross-border Ecommerce strategies and contribute to the increase of sales and profits in overseas markets.

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Consulting Services

We develop viable solutions to match the conditions and needs of our clients by identifying root causes of their problems through fact-based investigations.

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Career Development & Training

We conduct education programs on the new operating processes and systems and support the start-up and implementation until their full integration into the client's business.

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Project Management Support

Projects delay very frequently because of complexly intertwined factors. By thoroughly eliminating those factors and carrying out projects as scheduled, we are able to make positive contributions to our clients' businesses.

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Business Process Outsourcing

Marketing activities require high expertise as marketing trends progress and change very quickly. By outsourcing these activities, clients are able to focus and allocate their resources to their primary business--increasing the value of their company.

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