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Consulting Services

We provide support for overall change management processes such as strategy creation, business process reengineering, and stabilization of newly established business processes.

Strategy Consulting

Main Client Issues

  • Company numerical performance goals such as target sales and the number of stores have been set, however, the business has lost track of its original objectives.
  • We are situated in a Red Ocean market where we are faced with constant threats of severe price competition.
  • We have reduced our costs, downsized operations, and have requested for lower prices from our suppliers. We are running out of options and are soon approaching our limit in terms of cost-cutting.

Businesses with these said problems have increased due to the changing of the times and rapidly evolving business environment. Business issues that were once main concerns for businesses quickly face obsolescence and replacement. In this regard, it is necessary to conduct thorough reviews of strategies and current states of businesses, and to monitor monthly sales and day-to-day operations. In addition to this, medium and long-term strategic planning is also essential in order to ensure survival in highly volatile and competitive environments.

GBS Approach

GBS assists in creating and promoting a unified goal for companies, from management level down to ground operations. GBS uses objective facts and incorporates mid to long term perspectives, as well as specific and concrete goals to create comprehensive business strategies for its clients.

GBS Strategy Scope

  1. Product Portfolio Optimization Strategy
  2. Product Marketing and Sales Strategy
  3. New Product Development Strategy
  4. Business Cost Optimization Strategy
  5. Management Cost Optimization Strategy
  6. Digital Marketing Strategy
  7. Global Marketing Strategy
  8. Marketing Automation Strategy

Main Tasks

  1. Market Trend, Consumer Trend Survey (including User Survey and Usability Survey)
  2. Competitive Environment Survey
  3. Internal Analysis
  4. Technology Survey
  5. Strategy Improvement Workshop (based on items 1-4)
  6. Strategy formulation
  7. Execution Planning

Past Projects

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  1. Major General Electric Machinery Manufacturer (Company A) Global Digital Marketing Strategy Planning
  2. Major Office Copier Manufacturer Web Strategy Planning Project
  3. Newly-listed Medium-sized Wholesale Company Web-utilizing IR and PR Strategy Design Project
  4. Medium-sized Portable System Vendor Web Marketing Strengthening Project
  5. Major Correspondence Education Company Web Marketing Strengthening Project

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Operational Improvements/System Introduction Consulting Services

Main Client Issues

  • Despite the introduction of a new fad management technique, there had been no visible improvements in terms of the efficiency of the business.
  • The highly anticipated system had attractive features when it was first introduced, but it was proven difficult to use, and on top of that does not perform well. In the end, everyone used Excel to manage their data.
  • The new system is capable of taking in a lot of data, but the business does not know which data to use in order to improve operational efficiency.

In recent years, there had been an increase in discussions regarding the introduction of various systems and sets in order to improve operational efficiency. As such, the adoption of packaged software falling under industry-wide standards are often placed at the center of complicated debates. Features of packaged software may be convenient and useful for some companies, but may not be the same for others that require more customization. For these cases requiring customization, system development costs become very high, while on the other hand, packaged software release newer versions of their products very often. Furthermore, there are also many cases that require regular repairs and improvements for customized parts of systems.

At some point in the project, the question of whether it would have been better if a simple system with all the specific features that the company needed was created instead would come up. By the time this point is raised, it will already have been too late as costs have already been incurred and project operations can no longer be stopped.

GBS Approach

These kinds of situations occur because discussions regarding new business processes are conducted with very little understanding of the background of processes implemented in the past. The past processes were created in the company's own way of thinking and were deeply rooted in the company culture. Although the old processes may seem meaningless, those processes were necessary for understanding and conducting operations. Therefore, there is a need to design new business processes that take into consideration those fundamental ideologies and historical context.

The track record and extensive years of experience of GBS allows thorough comprehension of the philosophies behind business processes, therefore enabling the company to build and introduce optimal systems for the purpose of clients.

Main Tasks

  1. Current State Business Analysis
  2. System Configuration Analysis
  3. Business System Ideal State Conceptualization
  4. Packaged Software Fit-Gap Analysis
  5. System Construction Project Management Support
  6. System User Acceptance Testing Implementation Support

Past Projects

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  1. Foreign Apparel Manufacturer Business Process and System Innovation Project
  2. Major Semi-conductor Manufacturer Business Process Improvement Project
  3. Major Personal Computer Manufacturer Current Process Analysis and Problem Identification/Extraction Project
  4. Major Automobile Manufacturer Product Development Process Improvement Project
  5. Leading Large Automobile Manufacturer Product Development Process Improvement Project
  6. Leading Steel Manufacturing Company Quality Process Design Improvement Project
  7. Major Electric Manufacturing Company (Company A) Web Governance Process Revisions and System Development Projects
  8. Major US-based Electric Manufacturing Company and Mass Retailing Company System Development Joint Project
  9. Major General Electric Machinery Manufacturer (Company B) Company-wide IT Architecture Reconstruction Project

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